Change your shirt, change the narrative.

Every purchase made directly supports our mission: Providing healthy food to those in need.

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Ways to Give

Not sure how to help those who are struggling with food
insecurity? Wearing GVFB clothing is a small gesture of support that reminds us
food insecurity can happen to anyone. We can help to end the stigma one wear at
a time.

Showing your support by wearing GVFB clothing feels good and
sends the message that it’s okay to ask for help, even if someone is struggling. Opening the conversation allows for people to feel supported by
their community.

Whether you're making a monthly donation, leaving a legacy gift, or
organizing a Virtual Food Drive, there are many ways you can support the GVFB.
Wearing our merchandise is a great way to start a conversation and help to end
the stigma of food insecurity.